So I’ve spent months reading, researching, talking to people about the UK’s Social Services and the family courts. I’ve been through six months of care proceedings myself and lost my own kids. Thankfully, unlike so many other parents, my kids remain in the family and live just down the road with my mother, who was granted an SpecialGuardianship Order in January.

As time goes on and I read more, hear from parents, grandparents and others involved with Social Services, it has become clear that the system is flawed and corrupt, it is causing unnecessary suffering to so many people and destroying families across the country. Sadly, its not a problem confined to the UK. In the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa and probably other countries, the child protection services are not acting in the best interests of the children.

Firstly, I think that it would make sense to show you a few of headlines I’ve come across both online and in the traditional press……

They all concern the current state of the ‘care’ system, how children are being removed from loving families, who aren’t harming them, then placed in the system where they are ‘used’ and ‘abused’ by the people who are meant to be ‘protecting’ them. 

As we go on this journey together, we’ll uncover how the British Government has for decades, been trading our most vunerable children into the sex trafficing industry, how our ‘elite’ have been passing our children around for their own sexual gratification and how depraved our elected MP’s have become. 

But before we look into where our children end up, we must look at how they get in to the care system in the first place. We have to uncover the corruption within our local authorities Children’s Services Department. We need to understand how our social workers are twisting procedure, law and truth in order to take our children away from us, despite that fact we have done very little wrong.


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