I’m on a mission and I’m not alone. There are many people who are also working towards the same end. Reform of the “Child Protection Industry”. Yes – I have just referred to the statutory requirement to protect the nations children from harm as an “Industry”. Why? Because it has lost it’s way, it’s forgotten it’s true purpose and it has become, for all intents and purposes an industry like any other, based on profit making not on caring and protecting.

“Really”, you say.

“No” you protest.

“She can’t be right” you conclude.

Let me enlighten you, explain the state of the system so that you understand why I have made such a bold statement. 

I’ve spent months reading, researching, talking to people about the UK’s Social Services and the family courts. I’ve been through six months of care proceedings myself and lost my own kids. Thankfully, unlike so many other parents, my kids remain in the family and live just down the road with my mother, who was granted an Special Guardianship Order in January.

As time goes on and I read more, hear from parents, grandparents and others involved with Social Services, it has become clear that the system is flawed and corrupt, it is causing unnecessary suffering to so many people and destroying families across the country. Sadly, its not a problem confined to the UK. In the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa and probably other countries, the child protection services are not acting in the best interests of the children.

Firstly, I think that it would make sense to show you a few of headlines I’ve come across both online and in the traditional press……

They all concern the current state of the ‘care’ system, how children are being removed from loving families, who aren’t harming them, then placed in the system where they are ‘used’ and ‘abused’ by the people who are meant to be ‘protecting’ them. 

As we go on this journey together, we’ll uncover how the British Government has for decades, been trading our most vulnerable children into the sex trafficking industry, how our ‘elite’ have been passing our children around for their own sexual gratification and how depraved our elected MP’s have become. 

But before we look into where our children end up, we must look at how they get in to the care system in the first place. We have to uncover the corruption within our local authorities Children’s Services Department. We need to understand how our social workers are twisting procedure, law and truth in order to take our children away from us, despite that fact we have done very little wrong.

Please sign and share the petition for reform of the UK’S Child Protection System.

11 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I lost my 2.5yr old baby girl last September due to an anonymous call made to police stating I was drunk in charge of my child and with that comes a charge of ‘neglect/endagerment’ etc. Whilst the police came to my address, I asked them numerous times to breathalyse me…each time they refused. My baby was taken into Police Protection and then Foster Care. For 8 months, I saw my baby 3x a week for 2hrs under surveillance. I had my 1sr appearance in criminal court and entered a not guilty plea. The family court ordered a Care Plan whilst I underwent assessments.
    The final hearing for the family court was two weeks PRIOR to my trial in criminal court. My case looked good for family court. Not one single bad report from contact sessions, moreover the complete opposite…until social services played their hand. They doctored reports, exaggerated documents and came up with wild allegations against me. Everything i thought would confirm my innocence – got twisted around to hang me. They offered nothing in my favor. My daughter was above and beyond what should be expected from a child of her age. She has a very vast vocabulary, knows her ‘please’ and ‘thank yous’ and uses them often, knows all shapes and colours, knows numbers upto 20 and recognises numbers up to 15 and she can hold her own in a conversation….all before her 3rd birthday!
    The judge had no interest in what i had to say, she had made her mind up from the very first time i entered that court room. She, ultimately awarded adoption and stripped me of my PR.
    Two weeks later, i went and stood trial over the criminal aspect. Having proven that i suffer vertigo due to low blood pressure and was on medication – the neglect charge was dismissed weeks earlier and i got acquitted on the drunk in charge. FTR…this final acquittal was the SIXTH acquittal in just over 10yrs. (Police harassment!)
    Yet STILL my baby remains up for adoption?
    Tearing these children from loving homes is not right nor acceptable. To take something fractured and snap it completely – that’s easy. To take a child bc of the parents’ past – is just wrong. Especially as the council who now have responsibility for my baby are the same council who had responsibility of me…yet stood by for over 30yrs and did nothing about the abuse I endured as a ‘care kid’s from the 70s/80s.
    Back in my day, a decent social worker was judged by the families they kept together, not the ones they ripped apart.
    By the judge awarding a pre-meditated verdict…4 generations of my family are now affected in irreparable ways. There needs to be a big shake up addressing the ongoing corruption in the police force, social services and ultimately, the courts.
    It is unfair to remove any child on ‘possible likelihood’ unless you’re a damn psychic!


    • Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry that you have been a victim of a system that is unfit for purpose. I also run a FB group, which you are more than welcome to join. Not only do we support and advise but we are also working towards having the system reformed, to stop parents like us having our children ripped from us needlessly.


  2. I’m so sorry, my children are also on an interim care system with plans even before the first, already decided court hearing, to be put up for adoption, all three separated based mostly on lies, twisted truths and omissions.


  3. John Thomas says:

    I have lost too children to the corrupt family court and trough alder hey hospital, mistaking learning disabilities and behavioral difficulties and global development delay, for emotional abuse and all our daughter needed was a loving and nurturing environment I.e going into care. She has been in care since June 2015 and nothing had changed with her challenging behavior and learning difficulties, so she has now been clinically diagnosed with the above but Liverpool city council and family court and guardian Kevin rumney , all refuse to accept this diagnosis and still choose to blame us. They are claiming dla and carer’s allowance, our daughter has a ehcp pep iep , and they still insist she has not got disabilities. Even more disturbing is that our son who is 2 stone underweight in care, he is nearly 11 years old and only weighs just over 3 stone, yet the local authority and court have no concerns and even say he is healthy and thriving, and we get punished for raising concerns about this.


  4. Shaleena Hunt says:

    My name is Shaleena Hunt I’m also a victim of social services from the age 10 months old on and off permanently 4 years old I was Sexually and physically abused in foster placements I now have 6 children social stolen my babies from me to permanently adopted I have scars on my body I can’t forget or forgive social services are the most dangerous people






    For Lawful separation of any child from its parent to occur,

    any injuries likely to be sustained by a child through staying with its parent

    would have to be demonstrably more serious

    than any injuries sustained through separation
    would likely be.

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